Conditions of use

Netlibrary is an institutional repository for long-term storage and provision of various electronic types of publications. Various types of publications can be uploaded, downloaded, searched and used, depending on copyright. You can publish your own work in netlibrary, making it accessible instantly, free of charge and world-wide.

The following users are qualified to upload documents in netlibrary:

  • AAU scientific staff
  • Administrative staff

The following documents can be found on netlibrary’s publication server:

  • Theses (Master’s)
  • PhD theses
  • Habilitation theses
  • Open-access journals
  • Publications with scientific context, e.g. monographs
  • Journal articles, monograph chapters
  • Conference publications and contributions

Before upload

Copyrights must be protected and rights of use settled beforehand. The author-publisher agreement specifies the conditions regarding parallel publication in a scientific repository. If possible, avoid giving the publisher exclusive rights of use. On the SHERPA/RoMEOhomepage, you can find information about publishers’ conditions concerning parallel publication of scientific publications in an institutional repository (SHERPA(/RoMEO is a database listing publishers respectively journals and their attitude concerning Open Access. This database is not legally binding; in case of doubt, the author-publisher agreement is binding.


Electronic documents are submitted to netlibrary via an upload form in the Repository. After formal examination (e.g. year of publication, title, author(s) …), the electronic documents are made accessible by the library staff in charge. AAU reserves the right to refuse publication in the case of technical and/or content-wise problems as well as ambiguous legal situations. Electronic publication for qualified users is free.

Legal framework

The copyrights of the author(s) are protected. The author grants AAU the non-exclusive rights to electronic storage and provision of the document in question and declares to be in full possession of all copyrights to any part of the document and that the document’s provision or parts thereof (photos, charts) do not infringe the copyright of third parties (co-authors, publishers, third-party funding). This means that a document can only be uploaded in the Repository by express written consent of third parties if the author does not hold the exclusive copyrights to the document. If the rights of third parties are infringed, AAU must be informed of proceedings immediately. AAU is released from any legal claims by third parties. Download of documents by users is only permitted for their own, private use (see e.g. § 42, Abs 2, 4 and 6 UrHG).

So-called Creative-Commons-Licences do not touch copyright and enable open access by way of standardized licence contracts. With these licences, the author can confer certain rights of use and exploitation to the public, i.e. a Creative-Commons-Licence defines the conditions of further use and distribution of documents..


In case of upload uncertainties or questions concerning the legal framework, please contact Mr Michael Zojer, MSc. For information regarding the legal framework, please contact Mrs Sandra Vidoni, MSc.