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Motivation als Prädiktor eines Suizidversuches oder Parasuizid in Kombination mit relativen Ausprägungen von Persönlichkeitsmerkmalen! / Helmut Auer
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Motivation as a predictor of a suicide attempt or suicidal parameters in combination with relative expressions of personality traits!
AuthorAuer, Helmut
CensorMenschik-Bendele, Jutta ; Marksteiner, Josef
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Institutional NoteKlagenfurt, Alpen-Adria-Univ., Diss., 2011
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Document typeDissertation (PhD)
Keywords (DE)Parasuizid / Suizidversuch
Keywords (EN)parasuicide / suicide attempted
Keywords (GND)Selbstmordversuch / Motivation / Persönlichkeitsfaktor
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Motivation als Prädiktor eines Suizidversuches oder Parasuizid in Kombination mit relativen Ausprägungen von Persönlichkeitsmerkmalen! [2.73 mb]
Abstract (German)

One of the most important question is if times or to people change? When live becomes speedier and outside influences make people going on faster or to fast, that they can not stick with it, what are the effects of it? Can human beeing follow these influences all the time and are they able to stay in line all the time without possibilities to rally herselve? The motivation for living is very significant for surviving. But was will happen or had happend, that someone loses his intrinsic motivation to stay alive? What leads people to go on, altough when they had to overcome times of crisis? If an individuum has lost his will to live because something has happened like losing a friend, a divorce from his partner or something else, what has may be changed that this person is able to overcome bad times or stay alive? His social enviroment espacally the family can help him to get through bad times. But when there is nothing or no one to life for and you can not see a light at the end of the tunnel and your in the thoughts that nothing or nobody can helps you, most of the time people surrend herself. These reasons are happen often when you read in the newspager that someone has taken his own ́s life.

But what brings people to come in such a situation that a divorce or an other situation lets you not deal with a crisis? Millions of people all over the world are influenced of the employment market, a lot of them have no job or can loose his job every day. The employee of today has to be very flexible, physical and intellectual mobile, and the epoch that people have a secure career or can stay all the time at the same company is almost over. Parttime work, a second or a third job, the husband and his wife go for work that they are be able to afford there life and to come up to their standard increasing frequency. ^What happened with their children, who brings up the children, when no one is achievable.

Children learn from scratch by examples. Whe all learn by similarity and frequency, the whole life long. Espacally children in the first seven or eight years are depend on the positive examples from there surrounding.

But when the parents are have not enough time do bring up there children most of the time the internet or the television grow up a children in a baddly way. This and other reason may be change a personality and their soloution to solve problems an to get rid of.

The intend of this doctoral thesis is to find out if personality traits influence an individuum ore depends on the motivation why people make a suiccide attemp or a parasuicide.

Abstract (English)

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